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Undergraduate Summer School of Biology in Switzerland, 2024 | Fully Funded

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The Biology Undergraduate Summer School 2024 in Switzerland offers a wide range of research possibilities across several disciplines and the opportunity to do top-notch research in world-class laboratories. The fully-funded summer undergraduate research program in Switzerland seeks to provide students with the necessary tools to turn their theoretical knowledge into practical reality, in addition to providing a thorough understanding of laboratory work. The finest practices for scientific thinking and science communication are taught to the students participating in this European summer exchange program. Through this educational experience, the young kids have the potential to significantly improve the world in the future.

Undergraduate participants in the UNIL summer program get the opportunity to work in the laboratories of the University of Zürich, one of the top universities in Europe. Not only is it the biggest university in Switzerland, but it also has the most courses of any other university in the country. The university’s research labs are just as well-known as its astronomically high course load. The eight weeks of the summer school program in biology exposes international students to a broad range of research issues and a comprehensive curriculum. Most notably, and this is a relief, the international biology undergraduate summer school in Zurich is offered in English.


Under the guidance of a graduate student, postdoc, or group leader, the students conduct their research in one of the participating research groups during the fully funded summer school. They are able to engage with their elders and gain knowledge from their experiences in this way. Additionally, this fully-funded summer camp in Switzerland offers a plethora of wonderful activities. In the seminars that are part of the 2024 SUR program, students present their weekly research to mentors and solicit feedback on the project. In addition, scientific writing tutorials and PowerPoint presentations are being taught to the pupils. Following the student summer camp, there will be a symposium where students can present their findings and receive guidance rom their peers.

In addition to these research-focused events, the BUSS international summer program offers a wide range of leisurely pursuits. Students enrolled in the University of Zürich’s eight-week summer program receive a three-day retreat in the rural areas of Switzerland. Surrounded by the stunning mountains and lakes of the Swiss Alps, Zurich is a city of natural beauty. Furthermore, beach volleyball in Switzerland is a well-known summer activity with lots of attractions. Additionally, this Swiss Summer School organizes the participants’ trips to Swiss scientific and research organizations. Not to mention, summer school provides an opportunity for children to develop lifelong friendships with their peers in school and the workforce.

Biology Undergraduate Summer School 2024:

  • Host Country: Switzerland
  • Host University: Universität Zürich (University of Zurich)
  • Summer Location: Zürich
  • Summer School Dates: July 3rd till August 28

Benefits of the SUR Summer School in Europe 2024:

  • The participants will get a travel allowance that will pay for all of their transportation expenses.
  • The participants will be given good housing accommodation.
  • Accommodation and travel expenses will also be provided to students from other Swiss universities.
  • Small monetary sums will be provided to University of Zürich students to help with local expenses.

Eligibility Criteria of the Biology Undergraduate Summer School 2024:

  1. The participants can be both national and international students.
  2. The participants must be undergraduate students in life sciences.
  3. The students must have proof of their university-attended courses.
  4. Since the summer camp is conducted in English, participants must be fluent in the language.

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How to Apply for International Summer Scholarship 2024?

  1. Using the provided online application link, candidates must submit their applications online.
  2. Fill the application with accurate information.
  3. You have to make an updated CV and have to upload it to your application.
  4. Reference letters from professors or research supervisors are required for candidates.

Documents Required for the 2024 SUR Program:

  1. A complete application
  2. An updated CV
  3. Transcripts of completed university courses
  4. A recommendation letter

SUR Program Deadline:

The Biology Undergraduate Summer School in Switzerland will accept applications until January 31, 2024.



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