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The Full Guideline on Austrian Work Permit Visa Procedures for 2024

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Professionals with experience looking to live and work in Europe will find a friendly environment in Austria. Depending on the job offer and your skills, there are several conditions to meet in order to obtain an Austrian work visa. Austrian Work Permit Visa.  Here is a thorough how-to guide to assist you in 2024 with the process:

Recognizing the Different Work Visa Types:

The Red-White-Red Card (RWR Card) is the main option for a work visa in Austria. There are various classifications for this card:

  • Highly Qualified Worker: Refers to experts in fields where there is a skills shortage who possess extraordinary abilities and qualifications.
  • Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations: This category is for candidates whose qualifications match those of jobs listed as officially needed in Austria.
  • Other Key Workers: For proficient individuals who possess the necessary training and expertise, but who are not necessarily employed in a field where there is a shortage.
  • Austrian University Graduates: For foreign graduates of Austrian universities who have been offered employment in their subject of study.
  • Independent contractor Key Workers: For independent contractors or self-employed people with outstanding qualifications and a workable business strategy.
  • Start-up Founders: Dedicated to business owners in Austria who are starting cutting-edge ventures.


Depending on the RWR Card category you’re applying for, there are different requirements. Still, the following general standards apply:

  • A passport that is valid
  • Evidence of credentials and pertinent work experience
  • Evidence that you have enough money to live comfortably in Austria (around €2,190 a month in 2024)
  • Validity of health insurance in Austria
  • A formal offer of employment from an Austrian company (job seeker visa excluded)    

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The Procedure for Applications:

There are usually two steps in the application process:

1. Submitting a Jobseeker Visa or Red-White-Red Card application:

Once you have a job offer, you can apply through the Austrian local residency authority. Alternatively, you can apply for a Jobseeker Visa at an Austrian embassy or consulate in your home country prior to looking for work.

  • filled-out application
  • passport pictures
  • Documentation of training and employment history (certificates, diplomas, references)
  • Evidence of health coverage
  • Evidence of financial capability
  • Offer of employment (if relevant)


2. Application for Resident Permit:

You must apply for a resident permit at the Austrian local residence authority as soon as your RWR Card is accepted.
This calls for additional paperwork, such as verification of lodging in Austria.

Time Spent Processing:

  • Range: Generally, you should anticipate a 3–6 week processing period for your Austrian visa. This deadline begins to run after you file your application with Austria’s local resident authority.
  • Visa for Job Seekers: There may be differences in the time frame for obtaining a Jobseeker Visa at an Austrian embassy or consulate overseas. It is best to inquire about the latest processing estimates from the relevant embassy or consulate.

Cost Of Visa

  • charge for Visa: The normal charge for an adult seeking to enter Austria on a Schengen visa is €80. However, minors or people of a certain nationality may pay less. The Austrian government website has the most recent information about fees.
  • Extra Charges: Depending on your circumstances, there may be other costs in addition to the visa price. These might consist of:
  • Fees for translation: Should any documents need to be translated into German.
  • Fees for the medical examination: Certain visa categories may necessitate a medical examination in Austria.
  • Administrative fees: There may be small administrative fees related to the application process that are assessed by the local residency authority.

Additional Resources:

Crucial Advice For Austrian Work Permit Visa :

  • Make your plans early because it may take weeks or months to process a work visa.
  • Make sure Austria accepts your credentials. Certain jobs could call for more certificates.
  • Learn German: While it’s not necessarily required, being able to speak German will help you get a better job and have a better overall experience in Austria.
  • Seek expert advice. Throughout the process, immigration attorneys or organizations that specialize in Austrian work visas can be of great service.

You can improve your chances of getting an Austrian work visa and starting a fruitful career in this stunning European country by following these instructions and assembling the required paperwork. Austrian Work Permit Visa .


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