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Study in Europe with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany 2024

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The German 2024 Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship is open to young people pursuing higher education. It is highly recommended that everyone interested in pursuing a degree in Germany through supported scholarships, regardless of nationality, apply for this amazing opportunity. Furthermore, you are qualified for the scholarship if you intend to do research while residing in Germany. Your academic record is outstanding, as evidenced by your selection for this DAAD award. DIE LINKE is connected to the Rosa Luxemburg, a political group focused on education. The Foundation’s political ideals of social justice and solidarity serve as the foundation for the sponsorship.

You will have several advantages throughout your stay in Germany if you take advantage of this international scholarship opportunity in Germany. The target audience for the scholarship will be outstanding international students in any field who wish to work on a doctoral thesis that supports democratic socialism and its principles. Under the guidance of highly qualified PhDs in their domains, you will become knowledgeable about the current global issues and interact with your peers. In the long run, this international student scholarship in Germany will assist you in developing close relationships with members of your profession. Additionally, you will be able to maximize the benefits and gain insight into many perspectives on the same subject matter.

Your ambition to stay in Germany and continue your study while getting the scholarship is no longer simply a pipe dream. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities that will enable you to realize your aspirations. With the exception of medicine, many areas grant scholarships of all types. At a time, only one scholarship application is accepted. The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation was founded in 1990. It promotes critical analysis of society and emancipatory social, political, and cultural initiatives across Germany.

You will have the opportunity to travel to Germany and become familiar with its customs, culture, and way of life if you pursue your doctorate overseas. Germany is a nation in Western Europe that is well-known for its expansive river, forest, mountain, and coastal landscapes. Berlin, the country’s capital, is well-known for its nightlife and art scenes, World War II sites, and the Brandenburg Gate. In summary, it is definitely a nation worth seeing. Because of its vibrant culture and extensive history, it is the ideal place to live.

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany:

  • Host Country: Germany.
  • Host Organization: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

DAAD Scholarship Duration:

  • These PhD scholarships in Germany 2024 have a minimum 2-year length, with two 6-month extensions possible for good cause.

Benefits of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship in Germany:

  1. A scholarship of EUR 1,450 will be awarded to doctoral candidates each month.
  2. A mobility allowance of EUR 100 is given.
  3. Health care subsidy is also provided.
  4. Candidates will be getting the chance to explore Germany and its culture.
  5. Applicants will be permitted to carry out study on global issues that are in demand.

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Eligibility Criteria of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship 2024:

  • Any international applicant or resident of Germany who wishes to enroll in a PhD program may do so.
  • Candidates must be doctoral students enrolled in authorized private or public universities in Germany, Switzerland, or the EU.
  • International students who wish to continue their studies while not in Germany are also welcome.
  • Should be given proof of German Language at B2 level.
  • Should have an exceptional academic record.
  • Must be competent to do research for the PhD thesis on a subject that demonstrates dedication to democratic socialism and its principles.
  • Should be socially engaged with the values of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.

How to Apply for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Scholarship 2024:

  1. Applicants must use the official website to submit their online applications.
  2. Applicants are required to fill up their personal information.
  3. Answer all required information.
  4. Complete the application form carefully and submit it.

Application Deadline:

The Rosa Luxemburg Scholarship is available for application between April 1 and October 1 of each year.



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