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Study in Canada with the UBC Public Scholars Award in Canada 2024–2025

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The highly anticipated UBC Public Scholars Award in Canada 2024–2025 is the chance for exceptional overseas students to come to Canada and get financial support to study. The goal of this scholarship program in Canada is to draw in elite foreign students and give them the opportunity to form meaningful communities and relationships. The UBC International Student Award places a strong emphasis on both community service and careers. It is anticipated that the students receiving this award would make works that will benefit their communities in the end.

The goal of the University of British Columbia scholarship 2023–24, which is part of the UBC Public Scholar Initiative (PSI), is to assist students in studying in Canada without having to pay for tuition. The desire to study in Canada for free becomes a clear reality thanks to this PSI international scholarship. The British Colombia University Scholars Award Initiative makes it feasible for 30 to 35 students each year to continue their education at the top university in the world.


Vancouver is the traditional location of the University of British Columbia. The city is well-known for having exceptional seasonal significance. Both the sun-kissed beaches and the snow-capped city are enjoyable. Its surroundings, food, and living conditions are only a few of the factors that make it appealing. The students who are awarded the UBC Public Scholars Scholarship are extremely fortunate, as it will provide them with lifelong experiences of cultural variety, collaboration, and cohabitation, in addition to their research and studies. Studying in such a setting is always enjoyable because of the city’s allure, which contributes to its rich international culture.

The Graduate Student Ambassadors are a distinguished group of students at the university who serve as a platform for networking in light of the goal of this Canada grant. Through various in-person and virtual sessions, this group engages and works with the students to assist them in becoming acquainted with the courses and the campus. International academics also join the UBC alumni community and look for ways to get in touch with other graduates. Owing to its excellent educational standards and high degree of student comfort, UBC boasts a large student body of 10,000, of which 2500 are international. Therefore, this financed UBC project is an opportunity that should not be passed up.

UBC Public Scholars Award in Canada 2024/25:

  • Host Country: Canada
  • Host University: University of British Columbia

Eligible Regions:

  1. Canadian
  2. Permanent Resident
  3. International

Degree Level: Doctoral

Benefits of the UBC Public Scholars Award in Canada 2024/25:

  1. The recipients of the awards will receive $10,000 twice for each annual educational year.
  2. The award may be used as a travel reimbursement for academic activity connected to research or professional development.
  3. The award may be used as a stipend if the student’s current source of support is insufficient to cover the costs.

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Eligibility of the UBC Public Scholars Award in Canada 2024/25:

  • The candidate must be enrolled in the doctoral program at UBC; they may pursue a DMA, PhD, or EdD.
  • UBC Okanagan Campus students can also apply.
  • The candidate’s PhD studies on campus cannot exceed 48 months in duration.

  • The candidates must have been registered with the university,.
  • Only very rare cases can applications in their sixth year of PhD studies (48 to 60 months) be accepted.

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How to apply for the UBC Public Scholars Award in Canada 2024/25?

  1. The candidates have to apply online.
  2. The fellowship application must first be downloaded by the candidates, who must then fill it out and upload it.
  3. The form will be available on the PSI website once you click the Apply Now button.
  4. For their PSI Fellowship application, candidates must fill out and upload the Canadian Common CV form found at https://ccv-cvc.ca/indexresearcher-eng.frm.
  5. The candidates have to adopt the Vanier-Banting Academic CV template of the CCV.
  6. The application main page, where the applicant has downloaded the materials, has a link under “Application Procedures” that requires the applicant’s supervisors to submit two letters of support.
  7. The referee’s signature is required on the recommendation letters. A digital or electronic signature is possible.

UBC Scholarship Application Deadline:

The application window opens from March 11 to May 12, 2024. Don’t miss your chance




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