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Fully sponsored EYCA Rural Youth Camp in Spain in 2024

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A fantastic chance for the youth to participate in the exciting 6-day European Youth Card Association Rural Youth Camp 2024 in the town of Cazorla, close to Jaén in southern Spain. EYCA Rural Youth Camp in Spain.

  • Country: Spain
  • Fully Funded

About EYCA

The European Youth Card Association is The European Youth Card Association (EYCA) is an organization that focuses on youth initiatives and programs around Europe. The association is dedicated to providing young people with opportunities for participation, sharing experiences, and expanding their knowledge in various areas. The European Youth Card is a resource that offers young individuals access to a range of benefits, discounts, and services, promoting their engagement and development.

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Concerning EYCA Rural Youth Camp

The goal of the international Rural Youth Camp is to bring together fifty young people from rural areas across Europe. Participants will learn about regional rural initiatives, how to invigorate your town. How to build relationships with the large number of young rural Europeans.

The Rural Youth Camp’s primary goal is to find innovative approaches of use rural opportunities and interacting with youth. A plan to enhance the lives of young people living in rural areas will incorporate the opportunities and problems identified by the participants and be distributed to local authorities and organizations. This gives you the chance to have an impact on the choices that policymakers on our continent make.

What’s in store for me at the Rural Youth Camp?

  • This event is a fantastic chance to connect with like-minded young people from rural areas and make lifelong memories in a stunning rural area of Spain.
  •  The program will center on brainstorming and sharing sessions where participants will share their unique experiences living in rural areas.
  • Workshops will be given to participants to help them become more knowledgeable and skilled change agents in their neighborhood.

Eligibility for EYCA Rural Youth Camp in Spain

  •  Young people aged between 18-26 years;
  • Resident in the EU or a country in which EYCA has a member organization, check list HERE
  • competent in basic English;
  • Come from a rural background (you are young people who currently reside in or were previously residents in less populated places. Where there are fewer options for access to cultural, educational, and employment prospects, as well as affordable housing;
  •  People who want to get involved, exchange stories, learn more, and take action on issues affecting rural youth;

How to apply?

to apply you need to fill in this application form before the deadline

More Details

for more details, check the opportunity website from HERE

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