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Canada 2024: Fully Funded Scholarships at the University of British Columbia

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The University of British Columbia Scholarships for Canada 2024 are now accepting applications. For aspiring scientists and researchers, the University of British Columbia (UBC) Schmidt Science Fellowships offer a distinguished and life-changing opportunity.

These fellowships, which were created in association with the Schmidt Science Fellows program. Intended to assist outstanding individuals in furthering their scientific careers and promoting multidisciplinary cooperation. In collaboration with the Rhodes Trust, Eric and Wendy Schmidt launched the Schmidt Science Fellows program. With the goal of developing the next wave of scientific leaders.

Summary of University Of British Columbia Scholarships

  • Fellowship Name: Schmidt Science Fellowship
  • University: University of British Columbia
  • Degree: Ph.D
  • Deadline: April 2024

Apply for: 2024 MSIF McDonald Fellowship (Complete Funding)

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for nomination and potential selection as a Schmidt Science Fellow, candidates must satisfy the following eligibility requirements:

UBC Ph.D. completion: Between June 1, 2023, and July 30, 2024, candidates must have fulfilled or anticipate fulfilling all conditions for the awarding of their UBC Ph.D.. Including a successful defense. Note that nominations from prospective UBC students are not accepted.

Graduate Degree in Related subjects: Applicants must hold a graduate degree in one of the following subjects: computing, engineering, mathematics, physics, biology. Chemistry, earth sciences, or any combination of these topics’ subfields.

Program Availability: Applicants must be available from July 2024 to September 2025, which is the full period of the 2024 program. This includes participating in additional virtual programs and, if circumstances allow. Attending the Global Meeting Series in person or virtually.

The Schmidt Science Fellows initiative is dedicated to providing all applicants with equal chances. Regardless of age, handicap, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy or maternity, parenting status, married or civil partner status. Race, colour, ethnic or national origin, country, religion, or belief, applications from individuals are actively welcomed.

Financial Benefits

The Schmidt Science Fellowships at the University of British Columbia offer the following financial advantages to help fellows with their postdoctoral research and career development:

$100,000 is the large stipend that each fellow is awarded. This stipend is intended to support them financially for the duration of their postdoctoral research. Which is normally completed full-time and lasts at least a year. Fellows can concentrate on their research and advance their scientific careers with the help of the stipend.

Postdoctoral Study: The fellowship provides fellows with the exceptional chance to carry out their postdoctoral research at a top laboratory in the globe. Crucially, fellows are allowed to select a course of study that is different from their current area of specialization. Fellows are able to increase their expertise, investigate uncharted scientific territory. And significantly advance their subject of study thanks to this interdisciplinary approach.

Residential Meetings: Throughout their fellowship year, fellows take part in four residential meetings held all over the world. These are intensive training sessions that last for five weeks apiece. These events, which are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the fellows. Offer thorough training aimed at developing their abilities and preparing them to become the future generation of scientific leaders. The residential meetings provide a forum for networking, interdisciplinary learning. And collaboration between distinguished scientists from other fields and fellows.

How To Apply for the University of British Columbia Scholarships

The application documents for each graduate program must be submitted by candidates for the University of British Columbia Fellowships. The following elements should be present in an application that is complete:

Curriculum Vitae (CV): The nominee must provide a thorough curriculum vitae that details their publications history, academic background, and research experience. The maximum length of the CV should be three pages.

Statement from Nominee: The nominee should send in a statement that addresses two main topics and does not exceed one page. a). Alignment with the Schmidt Fellows program: The statement should indicate that the candidate would like to do postdoctoral research in a field unrelated to their PhD dissertation for a minimum of one year. It need to demonstrate their zeal for interdisciplinary study and dedication to pursuing novel scientific directions. b) Collaborative Spirit: The candidate should highlight their track record of productively working with a diverse group of teammates. Examples of effective teamwork, partnerships in the past, and the capacity to function well in interdisciplinary environments could all be included.

The nominee’s proposal: The nominee is required to submit a proposal that addresses the following elements and is no more than two pages long: a) Possible Postdoctoral Research Path: The proposal ought to specify the nominee’s anticipated postdoctoral research path. It should stress the importance of the suggested study, show a thorough grasp of the research field, and clearly state the goals and procedures. b) Synopsis of Proposed Postdoctoral Fellowship Labs: The candidate must give a succinct justification—limited to three labs—on why they think these labs would be a good fit for their postdoctoral fellowship. The justification should take into account elements including the lab’s experience, resources, and compatibility with the nominee’s aims and areas of interest in research.

To apply and for more info, check here.

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