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Study in Malaysia with Albukhary International University Graduate Program 2024

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Albukhary International University offers graduate programs. Albukhary International University (AIU)’s postgraduate program promotes research on social entrepreneurship to improve the socioeconomic position and quality of life in poor communities. At Albukhary International University. Our major goal is to investigate novel approaches to addressing unemployment, poverty, and carbon emissions using social business platforms. Social entrepreneurship employs a wide range of approaches, tools, and concepts to promote a more sustainable society. Study in Malaysia.

To effectively contribute to the development of a sustainable socioeconomic and environmentally conscious society, AIU’s postgraduate education and training program is designed to provide seasoned specialists with social business competencies. We try to attain this goal by conducting multidisciplinary research and comprehending the diverse nature of social business processes. The notion of social business is implemented through three primary emphasis points: zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero net carbon emissions—known as the 3Zero Initiative.

Admission Criteria

Master’s degree. To apply for the master’s program at AIU, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum CGPA of 2.75 from AIU or a recognized university by the AIU Senate. Alternatively, candidates with an equivalent bachelor’s degree and significant professional experience as recognized by the AIU Senate are eligible.

PhD. To be admitted to the PhD program, applicants must have a master’s degree from AIU or another university recognized by the AIU Senate. Alternatively, those with an equivalent master’s degree and significant professional experience as recognized by the AIU Senate may apply. Study in Malaysia.

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Language Proficiency Requirements

Minimum Scores for International Applicants:

  1. IELTS: Achieve a score of at least Band 5.0 (6.0 for programs within the School of Social Business and Social Sciences).
  2. TOEFL: Score a minimum of 550.

Minimum Scores for Malaysian Applicants:

  • MUET: Attain at least Band 4.

Candidates who completed a bachelor’s program in English as the primary medium of instruction are exempt from language competency requirements.

Applicants without an English language qualification may receive a provisional offer letter if they meet the English language requirements.


Research Areas for the School of Business and Social Sciences:

  • Business Management
  • Social Business
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Microfinance
  • Business Economics
  • Social Development
  • Political Science and International Relations
  • Islamic Finance

Research Areas for School of Education and Human Sciences:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Primary Education
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Pedagogy and Teaching Methods
  • Mathematics Education
  • New Media Communication
  • TESL
  • Public Relations and Media
  • Instructional Technology
  • Gamification and Play in Education
  • Social Business in Education
  • ICT and New Media in Education
  • Educational Leadership & Management
  • Communication Studies
  • Marketing Communication
  • Brand Management
  • Media Management
  • PR and Advertising
  • Organizational Communication

Research Areas for School of Computing and Informatics:

  • Computer science
  • Data science
  • Cyber security


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