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Online Knowledge Acquisition Resources

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Resources for Online Education. Having unrivalled access to educational resources, and allowing students from diverse backgrounds to work towards a similar objective, online learning has revolutionized remote work situations and lifestyles. Established organizations and up-and-coming startups alike provide venues for professionals and enthusiasts to learn from one another. Online Knowledge Acquisition Resources.

If you want to learn more about a certain subject and get credentialed for it, consider taking an online course.


  1. Course Hero
  2. Udemy
  3. Pluralsight
  4. Immersive Labs

Course Hero


Founded: 2006

Redwood City, California is the

Course Hero offers study tools, assignment help around the clock, and textbook guides to provide students at prestigious universities with individualized support for their classes. To find the exact resource a student needs, they can search the Course Hero website’s collection of resources by school or textbook. Tutors are also available to offer comprehensive assistance.


Founded: 2010

San Francisco is located in California

Approximately 50 million students now have access to Udemy’s vast library of online learning courses, which integrate the most important aspects of personal and professional development. There are courses in design, marketing, development, business, photography, and many others that provide a space for lifelong learning with eternal access and professional training.


Founded: 2015

The city of Austin, Texas

Pluralsight is committed to providing outstanding training on cloud technologies to contemporary IT professionals, encompassing a range of cloud platforms, and ensuring students have the skills they need to realise their potential. Individual courses covering a variety of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud practices provide IT professionals with hands-on access to informative training materials in a self-paced environment. This ensures they maintain the skills necessary for creativity.

Black Spectacles

Founded: 2010

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Black Spectacles is a source of information and motivation for architects seeking to advance their careers and acquire new skills. The educational institution offers courses in software proficiency and ACT/SAT preparation. Black Spectacles provides expert instruction to keep professionals abreast of advancements in the field, assisting students and practicing architects at all stages of their careers.

Immersive Labs

Founded: 2017

Boston, Massachusetts is the location.

Immersive Labs is an interactive online learning platform dedicated to equipping employees from a variety of industries with the cyber skills they need to be prepared for online threats. The measurable, gamified platform provides on-demand access to training activities that match human capability to cyber threats. And impart knowledge of how to adapt to evolving threats. Online Knowledge Acquisition Resources.

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