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Jobs 2023 for Finland Visa Sponsorship (Certified Employers)

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You can find Finland Visa Sponsorship Jobs on Excellencehub. Finland is a member of the European Union and a Schengen country. The nation has now earned the title of world’s happiest nation six times in a row. Recently, the List of Companies that are Available for Finland Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 was revised by the Finnish Immigration Service. The “Certified Employers” are who they are. An employer in Finland who wishes to hire foreign workers must obtain certification from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

No sponsorship is required for people from Europe to work in Finland. People from non-EU nations must, however, apply for a job that also grants work visa sponsorship. If they employ a significant number of workers from outside Finland, certified employers must register with the Finnish Immigration Service. Below is further information on Finland Certified Employers.

Information Regarding Finland Jobs 2023 (Finland Certified Employers)

Employers accredited by Finland are added to the list every week. The name of the company will be added to the list of certified employers when employer certification is awarded to it.

Finland-Certified Companies that Offer Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Here is a list of Finland’s Certified Employers where foreign job hopefuls can submit their applications.

Currently, there are 40 Certified employers in Finland in 2023:

  • The List of certified employers is available at: https://migri.fi/en/certified-employers
  • Check the names of the employers at the aforementioned URL, make a note of the business name, and go to their website.
  • You may see Jobs on their website, and apply.
  • The List of certified employers is updated every week.

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Finland Job Websites

  1. Work in Finland: https://www.workinfinland.com/en/open-jobs
  2. Jobs in Finland: https://jobsinfinland.fi/
  3. Jobs Finland: https://jobsfinland.fi/
  4. Euro Jobs: https://eurojobs.com/
  5. Europa: https://europa.eu/europass/en/find-jobs
  6. Relocateme: https://relocate.me/country/finland
  7. EURES: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/portal/jv-se/home?lang=en
    • (Select Country: Finland)

Skills that are in Demand in Finland

Here are some of the skills that are in demand in Finland:

  1. Information and communication technology (ICT)
  2. Engineering
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education
  5. English Speaking Jobs
  6. Business and management
  7. Sales and marketing

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How to Work in Finland as a Foreigner?

You can speak with a licensed employer directly if you’re a foreign worker seeking for work in Finland. On their job search portals, you can also find job openings with accredited employers.

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