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Germany’s Top 3 Scholarships for 2023 | No Application Fee

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The Top 3 Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany 2023 are now accepting applications. International students can get scholarships from the German government and private German institutes. Independent applications are free. Germany’s Top 3 Scholarships for 2023 .

Why go to Germany to study?

German universities are among the oldest in the world, and students from all over the world—especially those from Arab nations—come here for two main reasons: first, 15 German universities are among the top 200 universities in the world, and second, the study system in German universities is distinguished by scientific sobriety and novelty in the curriculum. Germany is one of the most significant scientifically developed nations.

The most important 3 scholarships in Germany 2023

Let’s discuss the top scholarships that you may apply for for free if you are a current student or have already completed your education!

1- SBW Berlin German Scholarship 2023 | Submission is free

Why should you choose the SBW Berlin Scholarship?

With the help of our scholarship at SBW Berlin Germany Scholarship, we assist bright young people from other countries who have committed to doing voluntary work in their home nations. We firmly think that raising the standard of living in the world’s developing nations begins with education. As a result, we provide scholarships to young international talent committed to a university degree or apprenticeship in Berlin as part of our relationship with other non-profit organizations. The complete scholarship covers all living expenses, as well as housing in one of our student boarding units and payment for tuition.

SBW Scholarship Funding

  • a monthly salary of 500 euros,
  • University Housing,
  • tuition fee free,
  • Flight tickets from your country to Germany,
  • German or English language course before study.

View full details and apply for this scholarship for free from here.

2- An opportunity to learn German and travel to Germany 2023

Explanation of the language course

You can choose the training program that the institute offers. Because German has been the language of instruction at the Institute from the beginning, education there goes beyond simply teaching you some grammar rules and includes training in fluent language use, vocabulary expansion, pronunciation improvement, free reading, and good voice understanding. Germany’s Top 3 Scholarships for 2023 .


  1. The entire course is free.
  2. There are no application fees.
  3. Improve your German language skills.
  4. Helping you to study abroad.
  5. Certificate at the end of the course.
  6. Possibility to travel to attend a supplementary course.

Apply directly and for free to this scholarship from here.

3- DAAD Scholarships in Germany 2024-25

Grant duration

  1. Bachelor’s degree (from 36 to 48 months).
  2. Master’s degree scholarship (from 12 to 24 months).
  3. Doctoral scholarship (from 12 to 42 months).


The DAAD Scholarship includes various funding as follows:

  • A monthly salary of 1200 euros.
  • study fees.
  • health insurance.
  • Travel Tickets.
  • Accommodation allowance for family members.

Apply directly and for free to this scholarship from here.

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