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Free AI Training Course from Microsoft With Professional Certificate (2024)

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July 8, 2023 News: Microsoft and LinkedIn have partnered to provide a free certification in artificial intelligence. as a result of the rise in demand for AI during the last few months. At last, a Microsoft Free AI Training Course with a Professional Certificate is now available to you. Artificial Intelligence is the Future. Gaining expertise in Artificial Intelligence can help you launch your career. Employers are in dire need of workers with AI expertise.

According to Google, this training would enable you to earn $100,000 per month in six months due to the rise in demand for jobs. Microsoft has made significant AI investments. Following course completion, you will receive a complimentary certification from Microsoft.

More details is given below

  1. Microsoft Launched Free AI Training Courses on the LinkedIn
  2. Anyone can access the course and Join from all around the world.
  3. Companies urgently need workers with AI skills.
  4. The Future is AI.

The steps are taken into consideration due to the increase in demand in the industry.

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What you can do with Microsoft Free AI Training Course?

AI may be used to create solutions, enhance apps, and progress technology across a wide range of industries, including environmental protection, healthcare, and finance management, to mention a few.

AI can be used for your articles, thesis, responses, code extraction, and other tasks. ChatGPT and Bard are the most often used AIs.

Microsoft is funding ChatGPT while Google owns Bard.

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Microsoft Free AI Training Course Outline

Obtain a Free Badge of Certificate

Once the course is finished, you will receive a professional credential from Microsoft in generative AI, which you can put on your LinkedIn profile.

You can access your certificate right away after passing the test. After that, you may share it with your network and add it to your LinkedIn profile.

It takes around four hours to finish these courses.

The Future is AI, More Jobs

  • Indeed. Artificial Intelligence is the Future. AI specialists are in high demand by numerous businesses. It’s crucial to employ AI correctly.
  • While 70% of workers were required to manage AI, some are concerned that AI will replace them in their occupations.
  • The majority of universities worldwide launched AI degree programs and courses.
  • The World Economic Forum ranks AI skills as the third most important area for business training initiatives.

In conclusion, the best professional path to pursue in the future is AI. Using the link below, you may sign up for Microsoft and LinkedIn’s free AI training course.


Excellencehub wish you all the best.

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