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France’s 2024 Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships

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Fully funded scholarships for international students to work and study in France at the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord in 2024. The Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships 20243 are now accepting applications. A premier five-year international training program, the EUR M&CS. Also included are the three regional master’s degrees in engineering, computer science, mathematics, and innovation in images and networks. The Galilee Doctoral School served as inspiration.

The L2TI lab, which specializes in analyzing and processing visual information and networks, the LIPN computer science lab, and the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord LAGA mathematics lab all actively participate in this program. Therefore, candidates selected for the M&CS Graduate school scholarships will be able to pursue graduate-level courses at the Master 1 and/or Master 2 level or at the PhD level inside the Galilee Institute at the Sorbonne Paris Nord University.

About Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Located in the area north of Paris, the French educational and research centre Université Sorbonne Paris Nord was founded in 1971. The Seine-Saint-Denis and Val d’Oise departments are home to the university’s five campuses. It accepts more than 25,000 students for beginning or continuing study in all fields of human sciences and societies, law, health, medical, and human biology, literature, politics and social sciences, languages, communication sciences, economics and management, etc. Don’t forget to check at the list of the best scholarships available in France to students from abroad.

Details about Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships

  • Host Institution: Université Sorbonne Paris Nord in France.
  • Fields of study: EUR disciplines.
  • Number of Scholarships: Not specified.
  • Duration: Normal duration of the candidate’s program.
  • Target group: Open to all nationalities.

Scholarships Benefits

Students at Sorbonne Paris Nord University pay the same registration fees ($243 annually plus $109 for student life membership), which are the same for everyone enrolled. PhD students studying in a EUR lab will get support through a three-year doctoral contract. The best masters applicants will receive a scholarship that comes with the following benefits:

  1. There is a scholarship worth €600 per month for M1 students over a 12-month term and for M2 students over a 10-month period.
  2. Students from beyond the Ile de France will also earn an additional 400 euros per month (for a total of 1000 euros per month). Additionally, applicants will benefit from a single trip reimbursement (in M2) for an overseas assignment.
  3. Mentoring program: a single individual across the entire curriculum
  4. customized instruction
  5. relationships with industrial fostering international intellectual exchanges through meetings and events
  6. One round-trip flight every year from Paris to the house (foreign students only)
  7. a housing complex (CROUS – foreign students only).

Eligibility Criteria

Students of all nationalities who are applying for a master’s program with a bachelor’s degree or who will be able to graduate before the program begins or who are applying for a PhD program with a master’s degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship program in Europe.

Candidates must also be ready to complete the EUR course requirements:

  1. Consider majoring in and minoring in math, computer science, visual computing, and networking.
  2. When selecting master’s-level coursework, internships count as part of the requirement that 60% of classes be in the major and 40% be in the minor.
  3. engaging in and taking part in M&CS activities
  4. serving overseas on at least one occasion (M2).

How to Apply for Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships?

Eligible applicants who wish to apply for this Scholarship program should follow the instructions below to submit their applications.

Application Deadline for Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships

May 2024 is the application deadline. Please visit the official page for more information on the Université Sorbonne Paris Nord Scholarships.

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