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Employment Agencies in New Zealand for International Workers| 2024|

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To obtain a work visa, foreign candidates who wish to work in New Zealand must have a job offer. Finding a job offer is therefore the real challenge. A highly important intermediary between businesses and job seekers is recruitment firms. The list of New Zealand recruitment firms that the New Zealand government has approved will be provided to you in this article. Moreover, employment services in New Zealand accept applications for jobs. Employment Agencies in New Zealand.

Agency recruitment functions as a matchmaker. They provide employers with the appropriate talent. Employers in New Zealand frequently turn to recruitment firms or agencies to locate qualified candidates. Candidates for jobs may register with multiple recruiting firms. You, as the job seeker, do not have to pay the agency or company because they are paid by the employer upon placing an employee. The following is a list of recruitment firms in New Zealand.

A List of Employment Agencies in New Zealand

These recruitment firms all provide job openings and recruiting services in various places.

Giving the hiring task to recruitment firms is relatively simple for the employer because these firms have access to large databases of possible candidates and the know-how to filter through them, saving employers time and effort.

Salary negotiations and interview scheduling are also managed by recruitment agencies.

Job searchers now have more options to consider because recruitment firms have access to job advertisements that might not be made public.

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Types of Recruitment Agencies in New Zealand

  • Industry Specific
  • General recruitment agencies

You can view the list of all approved recruitment agencies in New Zealand by clicking the link I’ve provided below.

VISIT HERE for the list of recruitment companies

Tips for Success

Direct communication with prospective employers is a well-received and very effective strategy in New Zealand.

Create a resume in the New Zealand format. Employers in New Zealand prefer concise, easily readable curriculum vitae (CVs). This might not be how you’re used to hearing things.

New Zealand CV Format

Two Types of CV

There are two main types of CV:

  • Skills-focused CV: helpful for those who want to change careers, have dropped out of school, or have a patchy employment history.
  • A CV with a strong work focus is helpful for persons looking to advance in their careers and for showing their job experience.

You can also download the PDF Format of skills-focused or work-focused CV templates

These templates are made by the official New Zealand Government website (https://www.careers.govt.nz/)

Websites to Find Job Opportunities in New Zealand

Sector Specific Websites

General Job Websites

The two most widely used job websites in New Zealand are Seek and TradeMe. Many positions are listed on these websites.

New Zealand Immigration Website

The NZ Immigration Website offers comprehensive instructions on how to get in touch with recruitment agencies, locate job openings in New Zealand, and prepare for a successful interview. Employment Agencies in New Zealand.

Excellencehub hopes the best for you.

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